NES2012 Proceedings

In total 56 papers were accepted for inclusion in the NES2012 proceedings and were distributed to the participants on a USB-memory. This publication was assigned an ISBN-code: 978-91-637-1150-3. More formal details regarding editors and publisher can be downloaded here. A preface is available here.

Five of these papers were practitioners' contributions which were subject to a simplified review process (see more about this under Call for papers).

Each paper is available below as pdf-documents by clicking on the first authors name.


Adolfsson_N Eklund_J Krupenia_SS Schell_E
Almen_L Eriksson_A Löfström_A Smallwood_JJ
Andersson_J Falck_A Marshall_D Svensson_J
Aromaa_S Fostervold_KI Mazloumi_A Syvänen_S
Aronsson_K Gkouskos_D Monteiro_I Thorner_A
Bourmaud_G Glimne_S Nilsen_OV Trask_C
Broberg_O Grane_C Ohnishi_A Trudel_B
Brännmark_M Hedin_S Oliveira_NAS Viitaniemi_J
Conceição_C Hägg_GM Pehkonen_I Volden_F
Dellve_L Högberg_D Persson_M Yamashita_M
DiBucchianico_G Jounila_H Porschen_S Zeilstra_MP
Domkin_D Karlsson_T Rexfelt_O Österman_C
Duan_L Kavathatzopoulos_I Richter_HO  


Eklund_R Elsler_D Gink-Lövgren_M Klock_R Tappura_S




Arranged by Ergonomics & Human Factors Society Sweden (EHSS) and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).